TJWS Websocket (JSR 356) extension module version 1.0

Release notes

This is first release of JSR 356 implementation in scope of TJWS. The implementation is provided as a TJWS extension module and generally optional. It introduces extra dependency as fast classpath scan library which is used for end points deployment. The library is forked at GitHub. You can find its license notes there. 7Bee scripts are provided in the fork. End points deployment is provided as in scope of .war deployed applications as in main container (when enabled). It allows using pure websocket implementation without servlets. Since websocket uses non blocking IO, they work only with SelectorAcceptor, and SSLSelectorAcceptor acceptors. Error code SC_NOT_IMPLEMENTED (501) will be returned at handshake for other types of acceptors.

Known problems and limitations

  1. No extensions processing and negotiation
  2. No asynchronous send timeout

Build Notes

If you prefer build everything yourself, for example for a specific Java version, then you need also obtain source code of JSR 356 API. Use the command: svn checkout, 7Bee build scripts for the API can be obtained from examples/jsr356api of 7Bee distribution.

p> WebSocket API can be also pulled from Maven repository. env.xml reflects that.